Earliest political memory of the day #52

epm-52My earliest conscious political memory was the Greek election of October 1993, when I was 10. I have recollections of politics before then in the news and the newspapers (Gorbachev, George HW Bush, the Romanian flags with the hole in the middle), but these elections were my first full-on experience in terms of understanding there’s a political decision taking place. People in my family happened to be very interested and mobilized in favor of one of the two major parties in Greece then. What is interesting in terms of memory for me is that, as I revisit that period in Greek politics in Youtube videos, things look much less apocalyptic and monumental as I made them out to be as a child back then. In my mind the 1993 elections were a landmark, but looking back at it through the eyes of an adult (and political scientist) things look much more pedestrian and derivative than what they seemed back then.


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